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Тихо и незаметно.
Ключевые изменения:
* Валидаторы паролей
* Новый стиль админки
* Параллельное выполнение тестов
* Выполнение действий после коммита транзакции
Никаких особенно вкусных изменений вроде нет.
A new built-in database migration system. Notes on upgrading from South (a popular third-party application providing migration functionality) are also available.
A refactored concept of Django applications. Django applications are no longer tied to the existence of a models files, and can now specify both configuration data and code to be executed as Django starts up.
Improvements to the model Field API to support migrations and, in the future, to enable easy addition of composite-key support to Django's ORM.
Improvements for custom Manager and QuerySet classes, allowing reverse relationship traversal to specify the Manager to use, and creation of a Manager from a custom QuerySet class.
A extensible system check framework which can assist developers in detecting and diagnosing errors.