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Address: slemonide.ddns.net
Rules: no rules
Mods: mobs, fireworks, dungeons, spleef, mini-games, 3d_armor, hunger, protection, mesecons
You can request world edit schematics of your buildings in this thread.
Какой мт лучше брать? 0.4.13 или свежий? Судя по срокам выпуска релизов, мне начинает казаться что повторяется ситуация с 0.4, когда есть стабильная версия, но все сидят на гите.
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Пробовал обе. Разницы не заметил.
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loose и lose немного разные вещи.
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Все он правильно сказал.
А какая разница?
How do I protect?
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how did you find this board :)
Lemon said he would create it
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lemon, are you here?
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Слемонид, а ты кто: нека, сорримак, минирободансер или биопроблемник?
Вот гад, опять напомнил о моей идее перекроить Майнтест в Ж.Д.А.Л.К.Е.Р.
Nah, at once, the English localization became useful– @neko, what's about tag localization?
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I am here.
Here are the instructions about making protections https://github.com/ShadowNinja/areas/blob/master/README.md
Tag cannot be localized cause they are created by user.
Only if moderators will localize them by hand…
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So moderators can categorize tags but can't translate? Besides the translating can be easy automated.
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Okay, they can. But this means that tags that are not yet translated will be available in all languages, and the translated ones will need to have some field list for different languages (name_en, name_ru) or different model with 1-1 name-translation catalog to search for the specified tag through all languages.
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>Here are the instructions about making protections https://github.com/ShadowNinja/areas/blob/master/README.md
Can you install the marker or protector mod instead? This is kind of tricky.
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Alright, I installed the markers mods. I haven't tested it though.
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… and the protector mod. Just in case. https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=9376
Yo dawg! We heard you like playing, so we put a game in your game…
Это мультфильм?
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Bro, bro, bro, stop, just implement dis.
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Create a new fraking table for 1 multilanguage guy with 3.5 tags? No way.
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Это гифка!
Today he/she's one and tomorrow you accidentally are a concurrent of WhatsApp…
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Mgimo finished?
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Nuff skazal.